December Scripture Challenge: Days 9-12

Here are my thoughts on the past 4 days of the December Scripture Challenge. As per usual, I will provide the passage name and number, but not the passage itself as I hope you will open your own Bible to find it, read through it, and gather your own wisdom from it. I encourage and suggest including prayer and scripture into your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

December 9: Psalm 72:8-14

The Lord rules over every part of the land and oversees all people on the earth, whether they are true and steadfast believers, lukewarm in the faith, practice a different faith, or don’t believe at all. He rules over everyone, even those in authority like kings.

We all experience times of need; some with more severe levels of need or more pressing needs than others. Regardless, we all find that we need something in life. God spares us in our moments of need; if we want His help, we have to offer up prayer and believe that He can provide.

December 10: Psalm 72:15-20

We should pray every day to God, and ask Him to help us but also thank Him for everything that He has given us.

God only acts to help us, even though this may be hard to see sometimes. If you experience rejection or loss, you may not see this as God helping you, but interpret it as a hurtful action. However, in time, you will understand that God’s action was the correct one and that in the long run it was helpful and lead to something better.

December 11: Psalm 95:1-7

We shall pray and sing to the Lord for everything He has given us. We shall do this through praying His word, reading His word, and offering up our own original prayers.

The Lord is wonderful, and we can see Him in everything around us. He’s in our environment and in each of us. He’s the creator of everything good on our Earth, and He is within all of His creations. He placed each and every one of us on this earth for a reason; we are His people.

December 12: Malachi 3:1-3

We all need to create a pathway for God into our hearts and lives. Each and every one of us should be prepared for Him to enter in our lives at any given point in time, for He knows when we need Him most. By praying to God, we are acting righteously.


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