December Scripture Challenge: Days 5-8

I hope you all enjoyed my past December Scripture Challenge post, Days 1-4. Here are my thoughts on passages for days 5-8. I hope you will all consider incorporating a scripture challenge into your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

December 5th: Isaiah 41:1-5

God is in our lives to provide us comfort, and we should be aware the we are welcomed, and greatly encouraged, to speak with God. God is in our lives so we can offer up our sins to Him and be resolved. We should allow God into our hearts and minds; make a pathway to your heart and mind for God to enter. If you allow him into your life, he will reveal so much to you. Also, embrace the word of God.

December 6th: Isaiah 52:7-10

Everything that God has created is beautiful. He brings us everything good that we have in our lives. He provides for us because he reigns; He holds the plan for each of us. We should pray daily and be joyful about everything that He has given us.

December 7th: Jeremiah 33:14-16

God always is performing acts of good, and we all have God within us. Therefore, we shall be committing good things everyday as well. God wants us all to be righteous (a quality of being morally sound) and to act in righteous ways.

December 8th: Psalm 72:1-7

God will help us to not be judgmental of others or ourselves; this is why he provides us the opportunity for salvation (asking for forgiveness of our sins) so we can lead a life of righteousness. If we live a life that is morally sound, we will be blessed with peace and prosper by the way of God.

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