EAT PRAY LOVE: Part 2 Quotes

EAT PRAY LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert is broken up into 3 parts: Italy, India, and Indonesia. In my post EAT PRAY LOVE: Part 1 Quotes, I pulled quotes from the first part of the book (Italy) to share with my fellow bloggers and readers. Those were quotes that I found meaningful, and I hope you found some wisdom and take aways in those quotes for yourself too. In this post, I’ll be including quotes from part 2 (India). I hope you enjoy these selected quotes and consider reading this book to enrich your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

“You bear God within you” (122).

“Yoga is about self-mastery and the dedicated effort to haul your attention away from your endless brooding over the past and your nonstop worrying about the future so that you can seek, instead, a place of eternal presence from which you may regard yourself and your surroundings with poise” (122).

“Remember — everything you do, you do for God. And everything God does, He do for you” (131).

“…prayer is the act of talking to God, while meditation is the act of listening” (132).

“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions” (132).

“…God is right here, right now. In the present is the only place to find Him, and now is the only time” (132).

“And guess what the universe will do with that doorway? It will rush in — God will rush in — and fill you with more love than you ever dreamed” (150).

“I asked my heart if it could please infuse my soul with a more generous perspective on my mind’s workings. Instead of thinking that I was a failure, could I perhaps accept that I am only a human being — and a normal one, at that?” (157).

“‘How do you keep the motivation to stay with it?’ ‘What’s the alternative? To quit whenever something gets challenging?'” (164).

“If something is rubbing so hard against you, you can be sure it’s working on you” (164).

“…the world is hard and unfair sometimes, but that it’s all OK because he is so loved. He is surrounded by souls who would do anything to help him. And not only that — he has wisdom and patience of his own…” (169).

“…everything (both uncomfortable and lovely) does eventually pass” (173).

“In the search for God, you revert from what attracts you and swim toward that which is difficult. You abandon your comforting and familiar habits with the hope that something greater will be offered you in return…” (175).

“…God already knows what I need. The question is — do I know? Casting yourself at God’s feet in helpless desperation is all well and good […] but ultimately you’re likely to get more out of the experience if you can take some action on your end” (176).

“Prayer is a relationship” (177).

“I can choose how I’m going to regard unfortunate circumstances in my life — whether I will see them as curses or opportunities…” (177).

“God will provide the grace. And that is why we need God” (187).

“So appreciate what you go now, OK? Keep cultivating gratitude” (188).

“God dwells within you, as you” (191).

“You have to make peace with what you were given” (192).

“The hub of calmness — that’s your heart. That’s where God lives within you. So stop looking for answers in the world. Just keep coming back to that center and you’ll always find peace” (207).

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