December Scripture Challenge

This month, I’m doing another Scripture Challenge because I enjoyed the November Scripture Challenge so much! I again went to handy and reliable Pinterest to find a December Scripture Challenge, and decided to give this one a try. Here’s the website for the original post and for another great blog by Heidi St. John.

Heidi talks about how writing these scripture passages allows her to engage, embrace, and reflect on the messages of the Bible and how scripture and faith can enhance your life. I completely agree, which is why I’ve decided to do another month of scripture writing and reflecting. Like I did for the November Scripture Challenge, I will provide you will the scripture passage name and numbers (or you can refer to the featured picture), but I will not type out the entire passage because it would make this lengthy post even lengthier, for one thing. But the other reason I format this scripture challenge this way is because I encourage you to pick up a Bible or Google the passage yourself and to give this a try! Different from the November Challenge, I will break up this challenge into a few days instead of an entire week for easier reading. Side note: I’m not a Bible analysis expert, but this is what I gained from reading and writing these passages. Integrating scripture and reflecting can be beneficial to a happy and healthy adventure; so I hope you all dive into a scripture challenge! 🙂 ❤

December 1st: Isaiah 7:14-17

Sometimes in life we want a direct signal or answer from God about something. I know that sometimes I will plead with God for an answer. God works in time, and he will give you a signal or guide you in the right direction. It will take time and you have to be patient, but know that God is always watching over you and will lead you on the right path. Also, God’s love is unlike any other love you will receive in life; which allows him to create the best path in life for you even if it doesn’t align with how you want or think your life should go.

December 2nd: Isaiah 9:6-7

God will always be by our side and will be watching over us and helping us to conduct our lives in a Christian manner. God may not be the President, but he helps us Christians to govern our lives in a reasonable way. He is a bearer of peace, even though it may be hard to see peace in our world. But know that he wants you to find peace within yourself and spread that sense of peace to others, so that one day we may live in a peaceful world. God is forever, and with us always.

December 3rd: Isaiah 11:1-5

God’s spirit is within each and every one of us, and we should not fear this. Sometimes, you might be fearful to trust God’s plan for you (I know I have been). Even though we may have fear about a multitude of things in our life, God’s plan for us should not be something we fear. He provides us with wisdom, understanding, counseling, might, and knowledge so we can learn to not judge ourselves or to doubt God. If you are truly faithful, your faith will guide you in life like nothing else can.

December 4th: Isaiah 11:6-10

We were all put on this earth by God for a reason and purpose; we have to learn to work together and get along because that is God’s intention. It might be hard to do this, and it’s not often seen especially in today’s world. But if we all try a little harder to truly believe in God and his mission for us, may be we’ll see a day where the world will be filled with the messages of God and peace (ideally).

I hope you enjoyed my analysis of these passages and that you’ll incorporate scripture and prayer into your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

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