The Food of Boston

As many of you know, I love food. I consider myself a foodie. I enjoy finding places that have excellent food, and then sharing pictures of said food because it’s usually beautiful. So, this is my post all about the food I ate in Boston. I felt the food of Boston deserved its own post (but check out my post The Attractions and Activities of Boston as well)! I consider food an integral part of my happy and healthy adventure; I hope you do too and that you enjoy this post! 😊❤️

November 19th

We arrived in Boston around 8:30 pm and ate a late dinner at Legal Seafood. Lobster rolls with fries is my favorite meal and it’s iconic in Boston, so I ordered that and was very pleased. 

November 20th

At the Boston Tea Party reenactment, there is Abigail’s Tea Room. They had a variety of teas to try and scones. I chose a black tea and a cinnamon scone. 

For dinner, we ate at the Island Creek Oyster Bar. It’s one of our family favorite restaurants in the city. We indulged on some oysters obviously, but I also had an amazing lobster bisque and swordfish. 

November 21st

We began our day with doughnuts from Union Sqaure Donuts in the Boston Public Market. Clockwise from top left: Vietnamese Coffee, Pumpkin Spice with Maple Glaze, Maple Bacon, Brown Butter Hazelnut. My personal favorite was the Maple Bacon, but they were all delicious! 

For lunch, we headed to The Daily Catch, a restaurant my parents found when they visited Boston last. My mom recommended the Calamari with linguine in white sauce, and her recommendations are generally pretty good. It was probably one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had in my entire life, and I eat a lot of pasta.

For dinner, we went to The Black Rose. It’s an Irish pub with delicious food. I started with a Guinness and clam chowder, split a shepherds pie and a Rueben with my mom, and ended with an Irish coffee for dessert.

November 22nd

We enjoyed tea at the Boston Public Library; there was no shortage of delicious tea, sandwiches, scones, or desserts. I drank the English Breakfast tea. My favorite bites were the smoked salmon sandwich, the currant scone, and the fruit tart.

November 23rd

We found ourselves at the Boston Public Market for breakfast, but wanted something other than sugary doughnuts (we’ve had Dunkin Donuts every morning since we’ve been here). We found a great bagel place (Levend Bagelry) and got our much needed lattes from George Howell Coffee.

Before dinner, we started off with drinks at Bell in Hand, the oldest continuously running bar in the US. They have their own house beer (left) and the drink on the right is the Harvest Punch (vodka and apple cider).

For dinner, we walked next door to the Union Oyster House, the longest running restaurant in the US since 1826. I started with a cup of the clam chowder and followed that up with the Lazy Man’s Lobster (lobster in casserole).

November 24th

For Thanksgiving Dinner, we went to my sister’s roommates house. All of the food was delicious, but my favorites were the stuffing and the lemon meringue pie (not pictured). 

November 25th

For lunch, we headed over to the second oldest restaurant in town, Jacob Worth’s. It’s a German brewery and restaurant with great beer and food. I drank the Brooklyn Pumpkin Ale and shared the German Sampler plate with my mom. It included soft baked pretzels with mustard, potato pancakes with apples, red cabbage, a bratwurst and knockwurst, German potato salad, and sauerkraut. 

For dinner after the ballet, we went to Legal Crossings. I had the butter poached lobster with lobster ravioli and mixed carrots; it tasted very decadent and was deliciously buttery. 

November 26th

Today was our last day; so we dined at one of Boston’s most famous (if not MOST famous) pizza restaurant, Regina Pizzeria. We had one pizza with red sauce and anchovies (it was really good, I PROMISE) and one with white sauce topped with bell peppers, artichoke hearts, and a host of other veggies. My 3 slices were followed with sips of Stella Artois.

Before taking a taxi to the airport, we stopped at my sister’s favorite coffee shop near the BU campus, Pavement. I had a latte with a beautifully crafted heart design; I was very pleased with my caffeine boost. 

At the airport, we ate at Legal Seafood and of course I got a lobster roll because it’s my favorite meal and it’s an iconic Boston food. We also have some cannoli from Mike’s Pastry (it’s super famous and if you ever make it out to Boston, you NEED to visit). I’m currently eating a chocolate almond cannoli at the airport right now. YUM! I hope you all enjoyed my Boston food post! 

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