Activities and Attractions of Boston

This past week, I spent Thanksgiving in Boston with my family, and we had a blast! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday that allowed you to acknowledge all that you can be grateful for on your happy and healthy adventure. I know I did. 😊❤️ 

Here’s all of the activities we did by date: 

November 20th
We went on a Trolley Tour Bus and went to the Boston Tea Party Museum Tour and Tea Room. The reenactment of the Boston Tea Party was interactive, interesting, and well performed. 

Then, we returned to Fanuiel Hall to get some Starbucks to warm us up and to see the gigantic Christmas tree. At 4:30, the tree had its own light show that was beautiful to watch. 

November 21st

We spent our day at the Museum of Fine Art (the MFA). My favorite exhibit was the Inpressionist art, but each exhibit had beautiful art in it! The pictures I’ve included are from pieces of art I really enjoyed. 

November 22nd

Before tea this morning, we went inside Trinity Church, one of the most famous churches in Boston and prominent from an architectural standpoint (that’s what it said in the information brochure, anyway). There are so many stained glass windows that are truly a sight to see. 

In the evening, we went to a BU Hockey game and let me tell you, it was intense! It’s exciting to watch the players slam up against the glass and jostle to get the puck. I think it might now be my favorite sport to watch. BU won 5-3 over Harvard, so we were a pretty happy family. 

November 23rd

After breakfast in the market, we took the T to Harvard and walked around campus. It’s truly beautiful with all of the brick and fall colors. We then toured through Harvard’s Museum of Natural History. Below are pictures of some of my favorites.

November 25th

Before we switched hotels, I took some pictures from the Observatory Deck of the Marriott Custom House of Boston.

After lunch, we walked around the Boston Common area. Below are pictures of one of the most famous cemeteries in the nation because of who is buried there (like Sam Adams and Tom Revere) and of the common itself.

In the evening, we attended the opening night of the Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker. Their interpretation was unique and it was a wonderful show. Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures during the performance; however, I got a few pictures of the inside of the opera hall where the performance was held.

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