Off To Boston!-Traveling Tips

This holiday season, I’m sure many of you are traveling to visit and celebrate with family, or maybe to go on vacation. Either way, I thought I would share some of my packing do’s and dont’s. Traveling should be fun, not complicated! Here’s a list of my traveling tips that hopefully will help you and your family this season when jet-setting.


Do: Look at the 10 day forecast before packing

It’s important to take a look at the 10 day forecast for where you are traveling to. I like to use the Weather app on my phone. I know weather reporters don’t always get it right, but they get it more right than you might! It’s important to know if you’re going to need heavy jackets, boots, etc.

Don’t: Wait to pack until the night before or day of, same goes for laundry

Want to add some stress to your travel plans? Yeah, didn’t think so. Start packing and washing clothes the week of the trip. Add to your suitcase each day.

Don’t: Overpack and bring everything under the sun

I’m totally guilty of being an overpacker. For me, it’s about being prepared for anything! But this gets me in serious trouble when packing for a trip. You don’t need to pack every single item of clothing that you own. Half the time, I bring so many clothes and don’t even wear half of them or realize what I’ve brought! Also, you don’t want a heavy suitcase that you can’t carry and control.

Do: Make a list of what you’re bringing

I always make a list of what I’m bringing, this probably has to do with the fact that I love and obsess over organization. I make a list before I start packing to make sure that I know what I need to bring. Then, I make a list of what’s actually in my suitcase.

Do: Wear your heavier/bulkier items

If you’re going somewhere cold and/or snowy this holiday season (me!), then you’re likely bringing a heavy coat and some boots. If possible, wear these items instead of packing them in your suitcase. It will save room in your suitcase and not weigh it down.

Do: Weigh your suitcase BEFORE going to the airport

I’ve had this happen a couple of times, where I’m all packed and get to the airport. Then, my suitcase is weighed and it’s a couple pounds over! It’s a hassle to have to shift items around. Avoid the hassle by weighing your suitcase at home. Many stores have suitcase scales, or you can use your home scale.

Don’t: Pack lots of heavy shoes or toiletries

I’ve found that the culprits of overweight suitcases are lots of shoes (especially heavy or bulky ones) and large toiletries (like big bottles of shampoo). You’ll be under less stress if you avoid packing these items.

Do: Raid the travel size toiletry section

The travel size toiletry section is perfect for so many reasons! First, there are so many products that come in travel size. Second, they don’t weigh nearly as much as their full size counterparts, lightening your suitcase. Third, you can take them through security in a small Ziploc. If you have products that don’t come in travel sizes, many stores sell travel size containers that you can place your products in.

Do: Label your suitcase and make it distinguishable

One time, I had someone take my suitcase even though it had my name on it. It was a plain, black suitcase, so I get why it happened. To prevent this problem, make sure to put a bag tag on your suitcase and do something to make it stand out. In my family, every suitcase has a ribbon on it.


Don’t: Forget your phone, wallet, keys, ID, and other important things

Yes, one time I managed to leave my ID at home. Don’t do it!

Don’t: Forget your chargers for electronic devices and headphones

If you’re as dependent as me on your phone, definitely don’t forget your chargers!

Don’t: Rely on your phone for entertainment

Yes, smartphones are great because there are so many apps that can entertain us for hours. But don’t solely rely on it to get you through your time spent at the airport and on the plane. Many apps are battery draining (like social media apps), and once you land at your destination, you may need that phone for directions or calling a cab. Also, unless you want to buy in flight wi-fi, your phone will have to be put on airplane mode, which disables most apps from being used.

Do: Bring something to read or do

Personally, I love to read. Have something other than your phone to keep you entertained.

Do: Bring an EMPTY water bottle 

Hydrating is important, especially on the plane. Make sure to bring an EMPTY water bottle in your carry on, then you can fill it once you get through security.

Do: Bring or buy a snack

It’s also important to eat. Plus, sometimes your flight won’t serve a meal and their snack may not be sufficient for you. Play it safe.

Do: Bring a pillow (and a blanket)

Especially if it’s an early morning flight, a red-eye, or a long flight; you’ll want to take a nap. A pillow will make your rest that much better.

Do: Wear comfy clothes on the plane. 

I think this is a given; but wear comfy clothes (esp. pants!) and shoes with socks. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY? Have a fun trip!

I hope that these traveling tips make traveling less stressful and more fun! One of my favorite things to do is travel; I would definitely recommend incorporating it into your happy and healthy adventure. Happy Holidays! 🙂 ❤






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