Emotional Freedom

I’ve been reading this book, Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, for about the past month and finally have gotten around to writing about it! This book covers all of the emotions that everyone encounters, and provides some solutions on how to overcome the negative side of emotions and be free. I saw it in the library and thought it would be an interesting read. It’s sort of long (almost 400 pages), but it covers a lot. You could just read chapters that are applicable to your needs. May be you’re struggling with depression or fear, read those chapters. I would definitely give this a read even if you’re in a good place, because we all struggle with emotions at some time or another.

I took quite a few notes from this book that really resonated with me, and I want to share them with you, my readers and followers.

“Respect the voice within that says, “Honey, be kind to yourself. You are enough. You are beautiful” (6). This concept of loving you for you is hard for everyone at times. I think it’s especially hard to be nice and like who you are when you’ve made a mistake, have failed in some way, or have been rejected. But really try to love who you are and who you have become and are growing into, despite your mistakes and flaws.

“How you react emotionally is a choice in any situation-and those cumulative choices can make or break your chances for well-being” (34). I believe that everything happens for a reason and that we can learn from every situation we face. We also can find a silver lining or something good in everything. Essentially, how we view the aftermath of an event is a choice that we make. We can choose to accept, learn, and find the good; or we can deny, dismiss, and see the negative in it. By choosing how you react, you’ll either lead a positive or negative life.

“Your soul is on a journey” (45). You’ll never stop searching, you’ll never stop growing, you’ll continue to learn through out life. Don’t let one negative thing stop you on your journey.

“‘Progress occurs when we beat ourselves up a little less every day'” (46). I know that when I make a mistake or fail at something, that I beat myself up for it. If I fail a test, or even if I lose something like my keys, I’m not kind to myself. If you try to be kinder to yourself, you’ll make progress towards emotional freedom.

“Jesus talked about love and people listened. Whenever you feel lost, return to your heart. It’s the doorway to heaven” (47). Being a Christian, any quotes referencing Jesus always resonate with me. When you’re stuck, listen to your heart and call upon Jesus.

The Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, an the wisdom to know the difference. (69). I talked about this prayer recently in two of my other posts, but I can’t speak of it enough. It can do wonders for a racing and worrying mind.

“Your work is to be courageous, to love yourself enough to keep at it” (166). If you truly learn to love yourself despite your weaknesses, you can be courageous in anything you set your mind to.

“Think of rejection and God’s protection” (187). This quote is relevant to my life now in that I’ve been applying for graduate schools and have been rejected from them all. Now with this quote, I realize that this isn’t God’s plan for me and that he’s protecting me and leading me to a greater path.

“When one door closes, another one opens if something is meant to be” (188). This quote goes with the one above. Everything happens for a reason and God controls your destiny.

“We must fight to find hope, especially when it feels beyond us” (270). Every prayer I say is a hope for something good to happen. We need to be hopeful in every situation, and remember to learn from the outcome even if it doesn’t align with our hopes.

I encourage everyone to pick up and read this book, whether you’re at your emotional freest right now or if you are emotionally drowning. Everyone can learn something from this novel and apply it to their lives. This book and what you learn from it can be a catalyst or a part of your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤




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