Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day! Three of my grandparents served in World War II, and they are proud veterans. Sadly, two of them are no longer here with us on Earth, but they were loving grandparents and held a lot of pride in their hearts for their service in the military and for their families. It’s important to celebrate all veterans and those currently serving in the military, because they do so much for our country. Veterans, thank you for serving our country with bravery and courage.

I currently work at Kids Country, an after school child care facility where we do different activities with the students. I do arts and crafts with the students on Mondays and Wednesdays, so this week we sent lots of notes and pictures to the Blue Star Moms to send to the soldiers. The Blue Star Moms is an organization comprised of mothers who have children that serve in the military. Some of these women have other family and relatives that are in the military too. This dedicated group of moms sends care packages to soldiers all year long. The students I work with on a daily basis decided to send some loving notes and pictures to them to put in the soldiers care packages for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.


This is just a small sample of what was sent to the Blue Star Moms for care packages. There was at least 30 notes, cards, and pictures from all of the students.

This Veteran’s Day, please remember all of those that have served and currently serve in the US Military. Happy Veteran’s Day! 🙂 ❤

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