American Politics

I’m not one to usually follow politics, but of course everyone has been following the Clinton versus Trump political campaigns over the past couple of months. I’m also not one to discuss or write about politics, but this was an historical and stress inducing election. I figure that for my friends who are afraid about the next 4 years because of who was chosen for president and need some reassurance about what’s to come, that I could offer up my thoughts in hopes that it can relieve you of your stress and fears, even in just the slightest way.

I’m a Hillary supporter. I think the #imwithher movement is empowering, and that even though she has her flaws (some very large and some small), that having a governmentally experienced woman as our nation’s leader would have been exactly what this country needs. But Trump reigned supreme in our election yesterday and early this morning; we have to live with this reality no matter how much it hurts.

I know many individuals are terrified of what’s next. There are so many people that will be negatively affected by Trump’s presidency. Women, people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, special needs and the disabled, foreign countries, etc. I know that I will be praying for the safety, security, and health of all of these groups and people; everyone should do so. I know people from all of these communities, and each and every one that has entered into my life has impacted it in some way. So I’m going to pray for all of them and hope that Trump puts aside his bias towards these groups and can lead our country effectively.

In Hillary’s speech earlier this morning, she said that Trump is now our President and that we have to have an open mind and give him the opportunity to lead our country. Hillary’s wise words really spoke to me. We had to do the same for Obama, no one knew how his presidency was going to go when he was first elected as President. I hope that Trump has an open mind and can change his ways and opinions starting now and when his official presidency begins. I hope we as The People can unite and remain strong in the face of this Trump presidency.

I know that the election and this upcoming Trump presidency has put a huge damper in many of our happy and healthy adventures. If we pray and support each other in having a peaceful and united country even under Trump; I know that we can get back on track to happier, healthier, adventure filled lives. ❤

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