Thanksgiving and Gratitude Scriptures

In addition to journaling about what I am thankful for this month, I also decided to try out this Scripture exercise that was recommended for me on Pinterest. It’s called Open My Eyes November, and each day has a Scripture passage that you write out and reflect upon. I have a strong connection with my faith and want to practice thanksgiving and gratitude and really acknowledging and reflecting on it this month, so this activity resonates with me!

Today is the last day of the first week, so I thought I would share my reflection on the past 7 Scripture passages. If you click on this link, you’ll see the scripture assigned to each day for the entire month, and also a really cool blog! Thanks to Felicity Bee for this great post!

The Scriptures for this week were mostly psalms and 2 passages from Corinthians II. I wrote each scripture down and once I finished writing all 7, I re-read through them to fully embrace the message of each and reflect on them more deeply. I wrote them all in cursive to slow down the process so I could relish in their message; I also just liked the look of scripture in cursive.

All of the psalms this week have the line, “For he is good; for his mercy endureth forever” (or a variation of it). I think many of us, whether devout Christians or lukewarm in the faith, forget how God has such a big role in our lives. The Lord is truly good, and provides all of the goodness that we experience in our lives. Yes, we all have obstacles to overcome and difficult times to endure through, but always remember how much goodness God has placed in your life. Faith and God’s love never go away, which is why his mercy endures over a lifetime.

The Corinthians passages emphasizes savoring all that God gives us, from his knowledge that is present daily in every situation, the life that we have been given, food from nature, the ability to grow and show generosity towards others, and so much more. We receive so much from God; we have to remember that all of our thanksgivings are blessings from Him.

I’ve learned and reflected a lot on this past week’s thanksgivings and gratitude scripture passages, and realized how blessed my life is because of God. I hope that you’ll all consider trying the Open My Eyes November challenge because it is truly eye opening and rewarding to reflect on everything that you have been given by God. Your happy and healthy adventure is made up of all of God’s thanksgivings, so enjoy and love every aspect of your life while thanking and being grateful for your life and all of God’s blessings. 🙂 ❤

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