UW vs Cal

On Saturday, my parents at I went to Kabam Field at the California Memorial Stadium to watch the University of Washington (my alma mater) face off against the UC Berkeley (Cal) Bears. There were a few moments during the game that I was worried that UW wasn’t going to pull out the win, like in the beginning when Cal scored the first points of the game and when the score was close (20-21, etc.). But the Huskies pulled out the win against the Bears (66-27) and are now 9-0. Attending the game was so much fun because it was a good game once UW really started to get going, but the UWAA event we went to beforehand was really great.

Being an alum of such a prestigious university like UW is an honor, and the UW Alumni Association hosts some great events. Before the game began, they had dinner and drinks that you of course know I partook in because I love food and beverages. Each guest was given a coupon for a complimentary Red Hook beer. They had a set up with sit-down tables so you could enjoy burgers. They also had a photo booth where you could take your picture with Harry the Husky and a crowd behind you, and hold signs that said “Go Huskies!” and each person could take a free Husky mask to wear at the game (which of course I did, because I’m a huge Husky fan).

In addition to this great event, since I am a true Husky fan, I went all out on my Husky gear. Purple UW hat, purple logo W shirt, W logo raincoat, and even purple eyeliner. In case you make up lovers are in need of or want a purple eyeliner, I used MAC’s purple eyeliner along with the other products pictured below.

I had a great time at the game and was fortunate enough to live close by to attend it! As always, Go Huskies and enjoy every minute of your happy and healthy adventure just like Husky fans and students alike are enjoying our 9-0 record! 🙂 ❤

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