Happy Halloween!

I’ve always loved Halloween, mostly for the dressing up! But I’m not one to turn away free candy either. Here’s my fun costume for this year.

I made this costume when I was in high school, and decided to bring it back for this Halloween to wear at work and to greet trick or treaters at the door in. I’m a haunted house!

Another thing I did today in the spirit of fall was make these pumpkin pie energy bites! Super easy and no bake! Here’s the recipe:

This recipe is from Autumn Calabrese’s FIXATE cookbook. It’s designed for individuals participating in the 21 day fix Beachbody program (ask me if interested!) but it’s great for anyone that just wants to cook healthier.

My tips and tricks for this recipe:

  • Instead of dates, you can use prunes. Make sure to soak them long enough! I also recommend chopping your dates or prunes before placing in the food processor, they are naturally gummy and might clog your blades.
  • Recipe calls for pecans, but I used hazelnuts since that’s what I had on hand. You could use any nuts you like!
  • If you don’t have either extracts recommend in the book, you can use vanilla.
  • Wet or spray your hands with PAM before rolling the mix into balls. It prevents the mixture from sticking to your hands.

These are a great treat (and a bit of a trick) because they are sweet but are also healthy!
Happy Halloween to everyone and I hope you enjoy this recipe! Celebrating holidays and cooking will definitely make your happy and healthy adventure a treat. 🎃❤️

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