A Painting Project 

For my birthday, two of my closest friends bought me a canvas with a pre-printed mountain scene that was supposed to remind me of Mt. Rainier in Seattle. I had so much fun painting this, even if it doesn’t represent Mt. Rainier very well.

Stage 1: The Set-Up

This kit was great because in addition to the canvas, it came with acrylic paint, 2 brushes, a mixing palette, and even a guide that provides you directions with how to make certain colors. I got my station all set up with newspaper, a glass of water to clean brushes in between colors, and a paper towel to wipe any excess paint from the brushes.

Stage 2: Flora

First, I started with the flowers, trees, and grass. I painted these to represent the California poppy (state flower). Green was hard to mix! There’s one green for the flower stems, one for the trees, and one for the grass and behind the flowers. My favorite paint color of all the ones I mixed was the tree green.

Stage 3: The Mountain

The mountain to me is the focal point of the whole painting, and it was frustrating to paint but also my favorite because it was a challenge. I tried to paint it just like the small diagram that came with the kit, but then I realized that this is my painting and that it’s not going to look like the example. Initially I had trouble accepting this, but it’s important to acknowledge that art involves your own perspective and no matter how it turns out, you should be proud of it.

Stage 4: The Finished Piece!

I was so happy with how the piece turned out in the end! The light blue sky really enhances the mountains, and I love the trees specked with snow. I eliminated the black shadowing on the mountains seen in stage 2, and I think it looks better.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a fun, artistic activity that I was really into and it was sort of relaxing. I’ve been trying to do more art projects, and this is my first one that I’ve done in a long time. Even though I’m happy with it, there were a couple points where I wish I could start all over. I was determined not to give up though, and I’m proud of what I painted! Thanks to my friends for this gift, it motivates me to do more art and craft projects! I would recommend trying to do some form of art because it can be relaxing, it’s tons of fun, and you can find a new hobby potentially. I’m glad I got to enjoy painting this; doing an art project made my adventure happy and healthy, and creating art could do the same for you too. 😊❤️

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