Updates To The Blog!

Hey Everyone! So I’ve had my blog for about a month now, and wanted to edit the layout of it for easier finding of posts. After a long chat with a WordPress staff member, I figured out how to do a couple of things to my blog home page that I’ve been wanting to do since the beginning! In addition to these changes, if you want me to write a post about something, or if there is something you want to see on my blog, don’t hesitate to contact me! I created this blog to share and record my happy and healthy adventure, and new ideas from my blog followers and friends are always welcome and part of the adventure. 🙂 ❤

Category Tabs


Ignoring the gray message box, you can see that in addition to the “About Me,” “Blog,” and “Contact” tabs that were originally part of my blog, there are 7 new tabs. Each tab has previous posts in it that relate to that topic. I want to explain a few that might not seem obvious as to what they include content wise.

  1. Entertainment: Includes items such as news articles and books.
  2. Organization: Includes bullet journaling idea entries, this post, and soon more.
  3. Self Care: Includes posts that have things you can do to care for yourself and my “feel good” articles, like the one about my dog and my paying it forward story.

I find this tabs method a much easier way to find a post that you’re interested in than searching through all of my blog posts. I hope you find this update useful!



On the bottom of my home page below the About Me section, you’ll see 3 widgets. One is for my Instagram account (left). Listed is my Instagram user name (give me a follow!), and it also posts my most recent Instagram post (picture from my “Get Out In Nature” blog post). In the middle is a follow button. If you want to follow my blog, you can click the blue WordPress button and you’ll be following the blog in no time! This is a great addition, especially if you like my blog but don’t want to have to search for it or just want automatic updates as to when I’ve posted something new. Finally, on the right, are icons for different social media platforms I use. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you want to contact me, Facebook is a great place to do that. Or you can just check out what goes on in my life outside of the blog.

I hope you all enjoy the updates to my blog and consider following it! 🙂 ❤


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