Get Out in Nature

Whether you live in the woods or in a big city, you should definitely get out and do something outside in nature. It doesn’t really matter what the activity is, it can be something as active as a run or as relaxed as a picnic. Regardless of your lifestyle, I would recommend trying to get outside and doing something at least once a week. Nature is beautiful and calming, and I know everyone could use a little more of both of those in their lives. You’re probably thinking, “How can I do this?” I have a couple suggestions, and you can see what I like to do to get outside and what you can do to enjoy nature too.

About a 5-10 minute walk behind my house, there is a trail that goes up into the hills and connects to another neighborhood. I tried finding the name of this trail, but nothing came up on Google maps. I’ll just call it the “Laurelwood Drive trail behind my house.” This trail is surrounded by “dead grass” hills, lots of wildlife, and a beautiful vineyard towards the top of the end of the trail. My favorite part of this trail is all of the wildlife. There’s always turkey families roaming around, hawks flying in the sky, and you’ll even see the occasional deer or two. You can also usually find dog walkers. I also enjoy seeing the vineyard at the top of the hill; it means I’m halfway done with my run! Here’s today’s view of the vineyard with some turkeys in the foreground.


Running is just one activity that you can do outdoors that allows you to appreciate the gorgeous nature that we are surrounded by. I used to not be a big fan of running, I always found it too difficult and kind of monotonous. My mom introduced me to this trail, and we sometimes go on walks in the evening. However, I wanted to incorporate more exercise into my daily life since my schedule allows me to do so. I figured I’d take up running and enjoy the trail while trying out a new form of exercise. The surroundings of this trail have made running a great outdoor activity for me; I’m glad I decided to utilize the nature trails around my house in order to make my runs more enjoyable. I also can’t believe how many wonderful nature trails there are in the Northern California area. There’s something for everyone to do in nature, no matter where you live!

Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t really want to take up running, and walking seems like a boring activity. Are there any other activities I can do to experience the great outdoors?” YES! Another sport that I started up about a month ago is tennis. Indoor tennis courts exist and are great when it’s raining, but why not take up tennis so you can enjoy the surrounding nature? It’s allowed me to take in my surroundings and appreciate all of the life around me. Other activities you can do include hiking, biking, playing catch, and so much more.

So get out there and experience nature! I got to do so today in my new pair of Brooks running shoes (featured image), and it definitely took me away from the stress of regular life and reminded me of all of the wonderful beauty of the natural world around me. Getting out in nature has made my adventure happy and healthy, and your adventure can be happy and healthy too with a dose of the great outdoors. 🙂 ❤

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