Get Rid of the Marching Band Halftime Show? I Don’t Think So!

Today on my Facebook news feed, my friend Tracey Andrews posted a link to this article:

The article talks about eliminating the marching band halftime show from college football games because it makes the games go on for an excessively long time. Um… there are so many problems with this idea, where to begin?

As a former college marching band member, I know how much time and effort is put into marching band rehearsals and practicing our pre-game and half time shows. At the University of Washington, we would practice for 10+ hours a week, even in the pouring rain (and even once in hail!). It was a lot of work, but I loved being in the marching band because it introduced me to tons of new friends, a place to grow and learn during my college career, and lots of happiness. Without the marching band, I know my college experience wouldn’t be the same. I know this is how many former and current college marching band members feel. We are at the games for as long as the football team is, and we should be recognized for that. To take that experience away from them by not having marching bands perform during halftime at football games would be cruel and incredibly unfair.

What if we said to television sports commentators, or to radio show hosts such as Clay Travis (host who suggested the elimination of marching band during halftime), “Let’s just get rid of the half time commentary? They don’t matter and it will shorten the game.” I wonder how he’d feel about that suggestion. It’s essentially what he’s said about marching bands during halftime. They prepare what they are going to say and review sports stats and footage so much before game day. All of their preparation would just be for not. Maybe it’s hard for him to conceptualize how hard marchers work before game day performances, but it would be helpful for him to recognize just how hard it is to be in a marching band.

It wouldn’t decrease the number of hours the football game goes on for. Most half time shows are no longer than 10 minutes, so it really wouldn’t cut down on how long the game is by much. Many individuals went to the chat forum attached to the article, and suggested lessening the number and length of commercials. Personally, I think this is a great suggestion. I don’t know how easy or difficult this would be to execute, but it’s a much better solution than getting rid of the marching band half time show.

Another bad consequence of eliminating the marching band half time performance? There wouldn’t be any entertainment. I’ve had many friends not in the marching band and family come to games just to see the marching band perform. Some only enjoyed the game because of the marching band shows. People love music, and that’s what the marching band delivers. They also create some cool designs on the field. You know what I’d love to see too? The marching band half time performance broadcasted on live TV. I watch the college football games on TV and miss the entertainment aspect of the games. You know what people aren’t all to interested in that’s broadcasted? HALFTIME COMMENTARY! I can guarantee that more people would appreciate musical entertainment and see hard working college students perform during half time than a bunch of commentators blabbing on TV. But maybe that’s just me.

Thanks to all of those individuals that posted in the article’s forum that are in support of college marching bands performing during halftime. I read through some of them because I was curious as to what people’s views on this matter were. Some comments were from parents of students in a college marching band, some were just from people who think that college marching bands deserve more recognition for all of the hard work they put into their performances. I know that if enough people band together (pun intended) and argue against Clay Travis’ idea of eliminating the band half time show, we will prevail. Without marching band in college, I know my adventure wouldn’t be as happy and healthy as it is. If you can get behind and support marching bands performing at half time, it can make your adventure that much happier and healthier too. 🙂 ❤

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