Desert Trip Birthday Weekend Highlights

This weekend, my parents and I travelled to Indio, CA for Desert Trip; a 3 day music festival with Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who, and Pink Floyd. We went as a birthday present to both myself and my mom, and I honestly could not have pictured a better birthday gift! The music was great, the food delicious, and the venue spectacular. I could make this an extremely lengthy post, but I’m only going to share my favorite parts of the eventful weekend to attempt to keep it on the shorter side.

Day 1

  • The Rolling Stones were great! My personal favorite song by them is “Brown Sugar,” and you know that I screamed out the lyrics when they sang it. Mick really engages the crowd and jumps all around the stage! They had some great fireworks going off in the background during their set.


  • The chicken and waffles for dinner were so tasty! We totally went off our our diet this weekend; music festivals aren’t exactly known for healthy fare. But you know my going to work it off this week. Anyways, the chicken and waffles were yummy and the syrup really did it for me. img_3373

Day 2

This was my favorite day of the whole festival! Paul McCartney is my favorite artist in this line up, and we got to dine at the Culinary Experience.

  • Paul McCartney: I pretty much knew every single song Paul sang. I sung along very loudly and danced along too. He played my two favorite songs, Let it Be and Hey Jude, so I was a happy camper. This is him playing one of his many guitars. It was hard to get good pictures with an iPhone, so this is pretty much the best I got. I have some great videos; and I’ll remember the performance for years to come. img_3437
  • The Culinary Experience: It’s a venue within Desert Trip where there’s about 30 vendors selling everything from vegan cuisine to deep fried deliciousness. You pre-pay before going in, so you can just walk up to a booth and get food. Same goes for beer, wine, and cocktails. It’s a foodie’s paradise, which was perfect for me. I got to munch on some pretty amazing food, including this fried chicken sandwich, homemade smores, and ice cream. I also ate ginger chicken, spring rolls, chile rellano, carne asada, and multiple different IPAs.

Day 3

Happy Birthday to me! The Who were incredible and I got more ice cream (my favorite desert). There was also a beautiful sunset that occurred during their set.


  • The Who: Incredible performance, and they really engaged with the crowd. I’m only familiar with some of their songs, but they were great to watch regardless. img_3494
  • The food: Some great beer, dinner, ice cream by Afters, and boozy snowcones to top off the food fest of Desert Trip. (For more details on pictures, see captions attached to each image).


    I have to say, I’ve never had such a memorable and amazingly fun birthday weekend. I’ll never forget this weekend and all the great music I listened to and great food I ate. This is definitely a moment to put in my happy and healthy adventure “book.” Hopefully, you’ll get to experience a music festival (this was my first and now I’m craving more) and some good eats too. It’s all part of your adventure that I hope is as happy and healthy as mine has been and hopefully will continue to be. 🙂 ❤

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