Sign This Petition for Vanderbilt’s Spirit of Gold Marching Band

This morning I was sent an email by my former college band director about the Vanderbilt University’s Marching Band. Normally, I skim these emails and move them to my “Marching Band” email folder, but this one I read through and clicked the embedded link. This marching band related email really hit home for me, and it will probably be relatable to any fellow marching band members out there. Please click the link below to sign the petition below for VU’s Spirit of Gold Marching Band, and read below for some more information.


I just signed the petition, “Vice Chancellor David Williams: Allow Vanderbilt’s Spirit of Gold marching band to perform their homecoming halftime show.”

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:



Essentially, VU’s Marching Band is not going to have the opportunity to perform a show at their own homecoming game; the visiting team’s band is going to play in their place. Doesn’t this seem unfair? I know I wouldn’t be too happy to not get the chance to play and perform with the marching band at my school’s own homecoming game. I performed in marching bands for 8 years, and am an alumni member of the University of Washington’s Marching Band that plays at certain events (like the VA game about a month ago at Husky Stadium). I was saddened to hear that this is the fate of VU’s Marching Band at their own homecoming game. For my fellow marchers, I know you’ve probably saw this email from our director and hopefully took action.

The petition has about 3,000 signatures, but they are trying to reach 5,000 signatures. It’s a simple signing of a document to help out the band so they can make a case as to why they should be given the opportunity to perform at their own homecoming game. If you have no ties to the marching band community, I still encourage you to sign this petition. They could use all the signatures they can gather, and I know would appreciate it.

I don’t have any affiliation to Vanderbilt, but I signed because I believe that the Spirit of Gold Marching Band should have a chance to play at their own homecoming game. I was given the opportunity to perform with my school’s marching band at all homecoming games, and VU’s band should get that opportunity as well. I hope you feel the same way and will sign this petition. I also know that this post doesn’t have much of a tie in with my blog theme (Happy and Healthy Adventure), but supporting other marching bands is important to me. Please sign and help out VU’s band; thanks!

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