Let’s Go Dawgs (Beat the Tree)!

Today is a big night in football for Husky funs: UW vs. Stanfurd (no, that’s not a typo. It’s intentional). Being a UW and Husky Marching Band alum means I love UW football, so you know I’ll be watching tonight. And we are going to WIN. I’ll be rooting on the Dawgs because my disdain for Stanford runs deep. I was raised in a family of relatives that went to UC Berkeley and celebrated all of the Bears wins. Pretty much, I was destined to dislike Stanford profusely no matter where I ended up going to school. We need to win for many reasons tonight, but the main reason is to BEAT THE TREE!

During my freshman year at the UW, we ended up beating Stanford, 17-13. We, as the band, played our fight song and “Celebration” louder than ever. We had beaten a PAC-12 team that we were slated to lose against. We did it and celebrated HARD. I even have a picture of the scoreboard from that night. img_3334

We won that year, but we haven’t won against this school since then in football.  But I have faith in our team that they can pull out a win tonight. So all Husky fans (and non-Stanford fans) cheer on UW!

About a month ago, I traveled back to my alma mater and played with the Husky Marching Band at their annual VA (Veteran Alumni) Band game. It was so much fun and I didn’t realize how much I missed band and playing at football games until that day. Just being with the band, marching in a show for a giant crowd of people, and playing the school fight songs again brought me so much joy. Here is a picture from that game day (Sept 3rd) of the field. We won (not surprisingly) against Rutgers University, and have been on a role since that first pre-season game (4-0 going into tonight’s game).


Even though I won’t be at tonight’s game physically in any capacity, I’m definitely going to be there in spirit and watching it on TV. I’ll miss hanging out in the stands with 240 other band nerds playing all kinds of fun music and rooting our team on. But I’ll be rooting my team from home, because I’m a Husky football fan through and through. Being a fan of a sports team and cheering them on is definitely part of the happy and healthy adventure.

Let’s go Dawgs and CHOP THE TREE! 

🙂 ❤


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