National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day, according to Starbucks and many Instagrammers (sp?) so I figure I need to post about it, seeing as I’m a coffee connoisseur. I love coffee in any shape or form. I’ll drink it black, have a specially concocted PSL or salted caramel mocha, in ice cream form, etc. Today I enjoyed a black cup of coffee with some overnight oats and a salted caramel mocha. I love coffee, and I’m not afraid to show it. I’m going to keep this post short since I don’t think I can get super deep about my affection for coffee and this day (I also don’t need to) AND this is only one of two posts for today, since I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. Anyways, Happy National Coffee Day and back to the coffee discussion!

Yesterday I had a PSL, and of course I took a picture of my coffee cup. Call me a basic white girl, I do not care. I will continue to take and post pictures of my coffee regardless of if you find it annoying or not. But take special note of this coffee cup sleeve (see featured image).

An “upstander” is “someone who acts to make positive change.” I think the message on this sleeve is uplifting; I don’t know if that was the purpose of this sleeve or Starbucks’ intention, but it doesn’t matter. We all should be doing things that make a positive impact on other people’s lives. It doesn’t matter if your act is big or small. Maybe you can pay it forward the next time you visit Starbucks (or your local coffee shop) and pay for the customer in front of you or behind you (I plan on doing this when I visit next). It can also be completely unrelated to coffee, such as helping an elderly person cross the street, cooking dinner for your family, or helping your peers out with their homework. Whatever it is you do for someone else, we should all be acting to make positive change in the world everyday. We shouldn’t need a coffee cup sleeve to remind us to do so, but the friendly reminder definitely helps (and so does a little coffee).

Enjoy National Coffee Day and remember to pay it forward and help someone everyday to make positive change in the world. By engaging in both of these activities, you’re definitely heading in the right direction to a happy and healthy adventure 🙂 ❤



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