Eat Your (Local) Fruits and Veggies!

Every Saturday, my parents and I try to do a fun activity; today we went to our local farmer’s market next to Lunardi’s in Downtown Danville. There’s a large selection of fruits and veggies (as you would expect), but also many vendors selling honey, milk and cheeses, nuts, and more. At today’s market, there was even a crepe restaurant stand. I knew I had to try one (who doesn’t like a crepe!?), and got in line. I was very excited to try one of these crepes, and the actual crepe exceeded my expectations.

I opted for the buckwheat (there was also all purpose flour) since I’d never had it and it’s supposedly healthier than AP flour. If you’re not familiar with buckwheat flour/products, it’s dark brown in color and gives baked goods and earthy and nutty sort of flour. That’s how it was described to us by the crepe maker. Mine was filled with smoked salmon, chopped dill and green onions, and topped with a sour cream drizzle. It was probably the best crepe I’ve ever had. When I go back next, I’ll definitely have to get another one. Something I learned from this crepe experience? Try new things, even if you’re not sure. It could be something you turn out to love.

We then went to one of the stands and purchased many vegetables. I bought a couple of large zucchini so I can make more zoodles (see my Chicken Pad Thai Zoodles recipe post) and try a new recipe where I would scoop out the inside and stuff it with ground meat and other goodies. I’ll post that when I try it out next week for a weeknight dinner. We also bought Asian pears (my personal favorite fruit) and some fennel, beets, and rainbow chard (from left to right in the featured image). No one in my family has ever cooked with any of this produce, so we’ll see what the end result is! Tonight, my dad is grilling up the rainbow chard to go alongside our dinner. Like I mentioned earlier, try new things! You never know if you’ll like it until you try it. And really, you can never go wrong with fresh, local veggies (unless you’re not a veggie eater, which…shame on you!).

It was a wonderful experience walking to the farmer’s market with my parents and just appreciating the nature walk that we embarked upon. It was great seeing all of these local farmers and companies come and serve their produce and products. Whenever you can, buy local. Especially when it comes to fruits and veggies. I find that they’re fresher and just taste better than product from another state or country that has traveled a long way and has been sitting in the grocery store for who knows how long. It’s also nice to see big smiles from the sellers when you buy their product and knowing that they work hard but also enjoy what they do and are seeing the benefits. It’s part of their adventure; buying, eating, and cooking local and fresh produce can be part of your happy and healthy adventure too. 🙂 ❤

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